Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Outbreak Cook: Open A Can Without a Can Opener

I have zero survival skills so I'm fairly certain I wouldn't live through the zombie apocalypse on my own. The one thing I can do is cook and in the event of a zombie outbreak, I'm hoping that skill would be enough to make me valuable to a group. Until that nightmarish day when the dead rise and survivors are on the brink of losing their humanity, I will prepare by honing my skills in the kitchen and doing as much research as possible into survivalist cooking so that I might save the world with campfire cupcakes. I'll be doing a new regular feature on this blog as I do us both a favor (effectively saving your're welcome) by combing the internet and posting a new tip every week for cooking in an apocalypse.



This week, on "The Walking Dead," we saw our group go to a food bank in search of supplies. Naturally, the building was full of walkers and the basement (where the much needed food happened to be) was waist deep in some really nasty water and who-knows-what else. They scuffled, they killed, they got their canned food. But Bob was pulled underwater and emerged in kind of a funny state.  I thought he was bitten. Did anyone else get that impression? Let's discuss in the comments below. that the Terminus crazies have him, he was DEFINITELY bitten. Oh, well...that's what you get for leaving the group to go have a cry in the woods. Poor Bob.



This week's tip: how to open a can without a can opener! Let's face it, you're going to be busy grabbing up provisions, weapons, ammunition and the occasional bottle of booze for a Molotov cocktail (or to simply chug to try to escape from your new, terrifying reality). You might forget to snag a can opener from that previously looted house or department store before running for your life. I found this nifty video on YouTube from Mission Survivor. Check out their website and YouTube channel for more helpful tips and tricks.

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