Sunday, January 20, 2013

Geeky Gadgets & Gizmos

Welcome back, Apprentices! Today we are going to check out some of my favorite, cool little toys you can get to trick out your kitchen in typical awesome, nerdy fashion! Gone are the days of boring, department store kitchenware! Now, your kitchen can reflect your own, individual personality, just like the rest of your house! Many of these items are featured on one of the best websites in the whole wide web,

FridgePad: Magnetic Refrigerator Mount for iPad at ThinkGeek: Perfect for referencing those recipes from your favorite blog *cough* while cooking in the kitchen! Keeps your iPad off the counter top and out of harm's way!

Hand-Forged Feasting Utensils at ThinkGeek! First of all, they're hand-forged, which automatically makes them awesome. And they're for FEASTING! Who doesn't want real, honest-to-gosh feasting utensils?! Perfect for the Renaissance Fair, a Game of Thrones season premiere party or a rousing day of LARPing!

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser at ThinkGeek! Are you a member of the Rebel Alliance with fantasies of dunking the Death Star in a cup of steaming water and then drinking the contents? Well, now YOU CAN! Just fill it with your favorite loose-leaf tea and enjoy a piping-hot cup of Empire-infused goodness. How amazing is that?

Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses at ThinkGeek! What's a little frostbite when it comes to ice-cold shots of your favorite booze? These shot "glasses" are made of ice and formed in a durable rubber/silicon mold and a super-cool addition to any party.

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick at ThinkGeek! Trying to romance that Star Wars fanatic but he/she is too distracted debating the pros and cons of Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars brand? Well, fear not, lovers of the galaxy, you'll be able to set the mood for some sexy time with a couple of these awesome Star Wars Lightsaber Candlesticks from ThinkGeek! So, put on the Barry White, don that Slave Leia/Han Solo outfit and hang out the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the Millennium Falcon door because you're gettin' some action with these!

 Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt at ThinkGeek! Live long and prosper...and don't burn your hands on those cookies you just made!

Doctor Who Tardis vs. Dalek Salt & Pepper Shakers at ThinkGeek! WHO wants a boring old set of glass S&P shakers when The Doctor can grace your table? Not this girl! The only thing that could possibly make these any cooler would be if the Dalek was a pepper mill and I could twist the little head around.

BBQ Branding Iron at ThinkGeek! Nothin' says, "This meat's mine!" like your name seared right into it. This handy dandy branding iron allows you to lay claim to that steak like never before! It's fully customizable and comes with every letter of the alphabet, including spaces.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter at ThinkGeek! Let's be honest, the Enterprise was all but destined for this moment since it made its first appearance on the original series way back in 1966. It was fate and now it's real and it can be in your kitchen, cutting your pizza as it was meant to be. Get the standard edition or the Golden Limited Edition for your fancier pizzas.

Floppy Disk Drink Coasters at ThinkGeek! Before thumb drives and flash drives...a little before CDROMs and a little after stone tablets, there were these ancient forms of data storage called floppy (flŏp'pē) disks. Today, they are a novelty...the once stoic and dignified floppy disk has been paid tribute in the form of these super-sweet silicone coasters for you to park your Zima on a hot summer day.

Pixel Hands Oven Mitts at Amazon! If you're like me, you've spent countless hours fantasizing about having pixelated body parts. And now, the Powers That Be have listened and blessed me with Pixel Hands...and they're functional, too! Sure, hands are generally functional with those super-useful opposable thumbs... but with these, you can grab hot stuff and not get burned! It makes me want to weep with gratitude!

Tetris Silicone Ice Tray at Amazon! Don't kid yourself, this isn't an ice tray. This was created for the sole purpose of making Tetris-shaped Jell-o shots. You're welcome.

So, I'm going to stop here...I could go on because there is so much amazing nerdy kitchen gear out there and this post could get seriously out of control. I'm sure I will post another edition in the future...a Part Deux, if you will. Please post some of your favorite geeky kitchenware in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!

Next week, we're making burger buns from scratch!

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